Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BIKE GADGET : iPhone + phone booth + iBike

punya iPhone atau iPod touch dan suka bersepeda? kalau jawabannya ya maka lihatlah aplikasi buatan iBike ini.
sebuah aplikasi gratis untuk mengukur power bersepeda,detak jantung,kecepatan angin,panjang perjalanan, dan info-info lainnya yang ingin diketahui saat bersepeda. tanpa banyak omong lagi silahkan lihat spesifikasi aplikasi ciamik ini :


  • Touch screen control
  • Large, full-color, easy-to-read backlit screen provides graphical, animated and numerical information including:
    • Current, average, and maximum:
      • Speed
      • Cadence
      • Heart rate (both numeric and zone)
      • Temperature
      • Power (both numeric and zone)
      • Wind Speed
      • Hill Slope
      • Elevation
    • Cu
      mulative readings:
      • Trip Distance
      • Trip Time
      • Odometer
      • Total hours logged
      • Total distance logged
      • Cumulative Elevation


  • User-selectable screen configurations

  • Rugged Phone Booth case completely encloses your iPhone/iPod Touch for superior rain and shock protection

  • New iBike Dash steer tube mounting system simplifies setup and makes Phone Booth mounting secure and removal easy

  • New-generation iBike sensors improve wattage measurement accuracy and temperature stability

  • New-generation ANT+ sensors included: combined speed/cadence sensor, improved HR strap

  • Easy mid-ride spare battery changes extend ride time length, without losing data or interrupting ride (extra spare batteries not included)

  • Compatible with all ANT+ sensors, including ANT+ DFPM sensors

  • Includes Continuous CdA and Time Advantage measurements (requires ANT+ DFPM power sensor, not included)

  • Indoor Trainer functionality included

  • On-screen setup instructions makes installation easy and fast

  • "Cal Wind", "Tilt Cal" and "Cal Ride" procedures are no longer required

  • New wind port design improves wind reading performance in cross winds

  • Color-based wattage and HR zone display

  • Real-time GPS maps and map routes *

  • English and Metric units

  • Date and time

  • Trip data auto start/stop

  • Lap timer

  • Fitness Test (both power FTP and HR measurement)

  • Graphical and animated power-based interval workouts

  • 6,000,000 miles of ride data storage at one second intervals ***

  • Place/receive phone calls while iBike app is running *

  • Exclusive Continuous Record iBike Dash electronics record ride data even when the iBike app is interrupted by phone calls or other apps

  • Bluetooth headset compatible * (requires Bluetooth headset)

  • On-the-road, instant-send function for ride files ****

  • On-screen, guided setup instructions

  • Free iBike app and bike computer firmware updates, available from iTunes Store

  • Free iBike 5 software for PC/Mac. Download and view bike ride data. See your actual bike route on a map or satellite view *

  • Instant-send function for ride files **

  • On-screen setup instructions

  • Free iBike app and bike computer firmware updates, available from iTunes Store

  • Free iBike software for PC/Mac to download and view rides, including actual bike routes (requires iPhone, download from


  • Phone Booth

  • Phone Booth steer tube mount (for road bikes, low angle stems only)

  • Spare battery and battery charger (120v/240V)

  • iBike app (download from iTunes Store)

  • iBike software for PC or Mac (download from

  • Wireless iBike ANT+ combined speed/cadence sensor

  • Wireless iBike HR Strap

  • Spoke and cadence magnet

  • Printed Instructions Summary

  • On screen instructions displayed in iBike app

  • Detailed iBike Dash instructions supplements (included with iBike software)

  • One year warranty

Compatible With

  • Compatible with iPhone 4, 3G, iPod Touch

  • iBike 5.0 software for PC and Mac

  • Training Peaks WKO+

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